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BRAND-SPIRATION #2 | Classic Blue

Classic Blue is the Pantone color of the year, so I am LOVING this #brandspiration. The classic blue color is timeless and works well in a wide variety of formats.So, I've put together a few posts for you to get inspired for your own business (if this is the look you're going for). Keep in mind, the right branding for your business is SO important, and colors, imagery, fonts, and textures all play into that. If blue tones are not what you're looking for for your business, then your only takeaway from this post would be about the process of finding the right colors (not the actual colors themselves... make sense?). C O L O R  //  P A L E T T E Putting together...

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FREEBIE | Mood Board

Let's create a mood board! What the heck is a mood board? Glad you asked! A mood board is a great way to get down your initial thoughts and ideas about what you want your branding to be. It usually includes images and color swatches that portray the "feelings" and esthetic you want your brand to represent.For example, if your business falls within the health and fitness categories and you're gearing your services towards women, you'll probably want to give your audience a sense of strength, confidence, and empowerment. How do we do that? 1) Start envisioning what images come to your mind when thinking of these keywords. Is it a woman lifting weights? Is it a woman practicing yoga outdoors? Whatever it may be, start...

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